Stop Exaggerating

This week’s tip is on exaggerating. When we exaggerate, we are making things bigger than they actually are, and thus we increase our anxieties, panic and lack of focus on what is happening or potential solutions. For example, if you forgot to jump on that conference call at work, instead of telling yourself “I’m fired” over and over again, and then ruminate on “where will I find a job? No one is hiring. I have to pay rent next week!,” come back to reality, and acknowledge what is more likely to happen: “I will get an email or called into the office and advised not to miss a meeting again.” Maybe you will get written up, but probably not fired. Stop exaggerating.

Take a moment to reflect on when you exaggerate. Typically when we do something, in this case exaggerate; we do it in more than one area of our lives. Think about how you exaggerate at work, on the phone with friends, when you go out with others, etc.
When you complained of the rush hour this morning, did you tell people you were stuck in it for “literally an hour,” but really it was 15 minutes? Has your computer really been frozen “all morning” or did it go out twice for 30 seconds? Does everyone “hate you” or is one person upset with you?

This week, tune into your exaggeration on big and little things and then bring yourself down to a more realistic ground of what is happening. This will help reduce anxieties, panic and frustration. It will also help you to be more clear minded about solutions and moving forward.