Finally, a program that you can trust! A program where you get ACCESS to all the people you need to help you become an author, create a podcast, increase your social media following, and engage with the media.

I created this program because I want to help people achieve dreams without encountering all the hiccups I had along the way. The one thing missing from all the programs and coaches I ever had was the access to the people that leveled them up. All these businesses, coaches and programs had fabulous ideas, but I never left with more than that. It took a while to get it right, but now, I have a program I can share WITH direct access to the people who helped me get to the top!

This is NOT a program that will make you a superstar overnight BUT it is a program that gives you direct access to the people that can propel you and your brand forward. You are not just getting coaching on what to do, you are getting connected with some of the top and most seasoned professionals in their fields.

Want to Start a Podcast or Grow Your Current Podcast Following? You will have access and direct contact with one the of the Top podcasters in the industry, a man who has had over 4 million downloads per month and hosted a top 50 iTunes podcast for over 10 years! You will also have access to the top engineer in podcasting.

Want to Write or Finish That Book?

Not only do I share a bunch of tricks and lessons learned in the book world but you will receive access and contacts to people who can help you get your book IN the Barnes & Noble stores and help promote your book to foreign publishers.

Want More PR and Media Attention for Your Brand?

We have you covered. Get access to people in the media, both TV and online/print, as well as PR companies, and TV coaches.

WEEK 1: Laying the Foundation

In week 1 we talk about the coaching program, your goals and get to know each other.

WEEK 2: Writing & Publishing a Book

We begin our high-speed journey together with discussing the steps to writing a book. You will receive direct contacts to a ghost writer, editor, foreign rights consultant and an opportunity to discuss publishing.

WEEK 3: Podcasting

In this week we discuss how to begin or elevate your podcast. We chat about the do’s/don’ts, must needed technology and hosting and interview platforms. Get access to a podcaster who has remained in the top 50 for over a decade!  You will also be introduced to a top podcast engineer who can help produce your shows!

WEEK 4: Social Media

In this week, we cater our discussion to your personal brand and needs. We talk about how to level your brand up using social media, being consistent and the unspoken rules of social media etiquette. If fitting to your brand, we create a YouTube channel and discuss the first steps. Here you will be introduced to videographers and someone who is drone certified.

WEEK 5: Media

In this week we discuss the stepping stone to position yourself in front of the media. You will be provided contacts to editors, a reputable PR company, anchors and a TV coach. We will discuss, and you will be provided with, the online resources needed to pitch yourself to the media. We will chat about a demo reel.

Total Cost for all 5 weeks: $3,500

Fine Print: I give you email addresses and contact info to the top experts and media but if you choose to use their services, that cost is not part of this program. For example, if you want your book professionally edited, that cost is not part of this program.