It IS a Scary Time For Young Men in America (&Young Women) #bettertogether

Politics, I stay far away from because I feel like all it does it stir up fights, meanness, division and separation. I know that there could be good in politics, but it seems like, over time, that’s no longer what it is about.

For the first time, I needed to speak up about something that truly bothered me in the world of politics. In the current Kavanaugh case, Trump had a response of, it’s a “very scary time for young men in America.” I took a moment to process this and then, wanted to just ignore it. I absolutely know this is the wrong thing to do, but I just can’t eve....


5 Ways To Balance Life & Social Media

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. There are a lot of advantages to social media. Social media can platform your business, help you to keep up with friends and family and even give support during challenging times. But with those advantages, come disadvantages. Just as with most things in life, you need to balance the pros with the cons. Here are 5 ways you can better balance life and social media: Don’t Compare We have all done it. We look at all the amazing pictures of people on social media and wonder, what are they doing that I am not? In some fashion, we all have fe....


5 Mid-Day Routines to Help You Reset & Get on Track

  We often hear of routines to help you have better mornings; a way to start your day off on the right foot. Mornings are extremely important and play a major role in your day. There are so many benefits in starting your mornings off with being grateful, having a plan, eating breakfast, drinking water, stretching, etc. However, starting your day off on the right track and keeping it there is just as important. Here are 5 mid-day routines to help you reset and get on track when the afternoon slump attempts an attack. 1.Take a Clarity Break   Sometimes, sitting in the same environment, hour after hour c....


5 Tips for Small Business Success

As a small business, we face certain challenges that can add stress and anxiety to our daily lives. It is not always easy meeting payroll, hiring, figuring out what platform to market on and managing the finances. But, millions of small business owners do these things every day and their businesses thrive. Here are 5 Tips for Small Business Success Write Down Why You Started As a small business owner, you may find yourself living on a rollercoaster. Somedays you feel like you are going to take over the entire universe while other days you fire yourself and walk off the job. And, early on in the small business proces....


What I learned from Hosting a 1 hour Men & Work-Life Balance Segment

As host of The Dr. Jaime Show I have an opportunity to talk to viewers about areas of life that encompass balance, fulfillment, happiness and motivation. On 10/28/16 I had the privilege of talking to four successful business and family men on the topic of work life balance. Before hosting the Men & Work-Life Balance segment, I noticed that men would always comment on my book, The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment. At book signings, men would say “Is this something I could read, too?” On radio shows, the men interviewing would comment “Why does your book say Women in the title, when we could use these tips, too?” And a r....


Three Tips On How Not To Be Fooled

The Power of Delaying Gratification: Why You Should do It, and How

People who delay their gratification for a later day or time, end up having more success in all areas of life; financial, health, career and relationships. That’s a huge deal. So, what exactly is delay of gratification? It is the choice of not doing something now for something bigger later on. What you are doing is choosing self-discipline over the ease that distractions bring along with them. Here is an example. You have homework tonight but you are tired and want to take a nap, you had a very long day. Instant gratification says, “a nap right now would feel great, go for it.” Delay of gratification says, “I will delay that nap so....


Relationships are Rewards Not Solutions

Often when we are in a rut or feeling blue, we firmly believe that the solution to most of our problems is a good relationship with someone. This person would love us, care for us, and share happy moments with us. As wonderful as all of this sounds, a relationship with someone is not going to take away your problems or negative feelings, only you can do that. And, if you depend on someone to take away your problems for you, the relationship isn’t going to have a strong foundation and you might quickly find yourself alone once more. As a consequence you may find yourself internalizing these losses as something that is wrong with you, spirali....


Summer Tips for Healthy Living

The summer time is a great time to kick back and treat your body with some love. We tend to over indulge at the holidays, and then spend the first quarter of the year trying to get on track. But, by now, we are on pace with those goals and ready to enjoy some of the fruits of our goal achievements. Here are 8 tips to make your summer more healthy, fun and relaxed! 1. Stay hydrated. The sun has a great way of increasing your chances of heat exhaustion. You are having a great time and before you know it, hours may have passed, and you haven’t taken a sip of the H20. The summer heat can increase your chances of dehydratio....


Why am I So Tired?

I’m too tired! In this life, I know that we are all too tired. But one of the best things that you can do when you are tired is exercise. It is also the last thing we want to do. Getting in a habit of exercising boosts your energy in the immediate and long term. Exercise helps the heart, joints and lungs become stronger and healthier. A healthy heart and lungs will help you become less fatigued when doing other things during the day. On a psychological level, exercise makes you feel good about yourself. Higher confidence in one area of life rubs off into other areas of life. If you are confident in your own skin, chances are you will see ....


Stop Exaggerating

This week’s tip is on exaggerating. When we exaggerate, we are making things bigger than they actually are, and thus we increase our anxieties, panic and lack of focus on what is happening or potential solutions. For example, if you forgot to jump on that conference call at work, instead of telling yourself “I’m fired” over and over again, and then ruminate on “where will I find a job? No one is hiring. I have to pay rent next week!,” come back to reality, and acknowledge what is more likely to happen: “I will get an email or called into the office and advised not to miss a meeting again.” Maybe you will get written up, but pr....


Top 4 Ways Self-Sabotage is Ruining Your Healthy Lifestyle and How to Fix It

The Sabotage: It’s got to be Perfect Let me preface this one with the sheer fact that no one is perfect. All of us have imperfections, even that woman who you think “has it all”- the body, the family and the money. Yes, even her. In fact, even if she was perfect to you, she wouldn’t be perfect to me or thousands of other people. Perfection is subjective. That is why you should never try to be perfect for anyone or anything. If you spend your life trying to be perfect for someone else, you may find you are never perfect, for you. Thinking that you have to be perfect at anything in life is not only a barrier to you....


Confidence: How to Get It & Keep It

Many of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves in one area of our lives or another. These limiting beliefs lead to a decrease in confidence. You may be an expert and thriving in one area of your life, but in other areas you may lack confidence for a variety of reasons. Often we know that in order to be successful we must be more confident, but the question is, how can we gain confidence, and keep it? Use Caution with the Self-Talk “Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening” Lisa M. Hayes Person 1: I don’t think I can do this. I failed last time. I always mess up. I’m not sure I’l....


Why Ruminating Hurts Success and How to Hurdle Those Thoughts (As Seen On Forbes )

(Click here for Forbes Article) Fight or flight is the theory that states when we feel threatened we fight in the situation or flee. In prehistoric times, fight or flight was a survival mechanism and only those who were finely tuned passed this innate capability to their children. Without doing so, people became victims to predators. Survival of the fittest. This innate behavior has been since passed down over the centuries hardwiring capabilities into our brains. As we discuss har....


Three Ways to Spice up Your Marriage if you Have Young Children

It is not always easy to find time to be sexy or feel sexy when you have spit up running down the back of your shirt and the kiddos just walking in the bathroom while you are trying to go “number 1.” In fact, these are the times when our wardrobe consists of 1 pair of jeans, one dress hidden in the back of the closet (forgot I had that) and 25 pairs of yoga pants and t-shirts. But despite the spit up running down your back, and the kiddos walking in while you do “number 1”, you are still married and need to give to that sector of your life. Not to mention that you deserve to feel sexy and fun again. While you may not be able to wea....



As women, we often work very hard to earn credibility, and once earned, it takes skill, confidence and a demonstration of integrity to maintain it. But as long as it takes to earn credibility, sometimes it may only take a moment to lose it. Women encounter many barriers as they move up the chain to success, but we don’t need loss of credibility to be one of those factors. Here are the Top 5 Ways to Lose Credibility 1. Say Yes then take back your Yes As people pleasers by nature, women often tend to say “yes” more than “no.” But if we say yes to taking on a task and then back out we can quickly ruin our cre....


Humble Leadership

There is nothing worse than a leader making people feel “below” him. Often the leaders who have the mentality of people being “below” him are the ones with their own demons to battle at night. In almost every business there is a hierarchy. That hierarchy demonstrates the structural position of how the company operates and communicates, but that hierarchy does not demonstrate who is a better or more valuable person in life. Often it is the people who are not laterally at the top of the hierarchy that truly make the company a success. These people believe in you, your systems and engage in the labor that allow you to work on the busines....



Why are you at work today? If the sole reason is because you need to pay rent and buy food, you are probably not completely satisfied with your work. In fact, you might be the office gossiper or the negative Nancy of the office. Why do people leave a job that they are making 80K per year at with great benefits, only to branch out on their own, risking their families, income and sanity? Perhaps, they can’t stand working for someone else, they can’t stand not living in line with their values and/or they want to change the world. Most people think those who venture outside of societies norms are crazy or are setting themselves up for f....


The Power of Commitment

Let’s assume you’ve set a goal for yourself and are ready to pursue it. To pursue any goal requires a certain amount of change on your part. There are a variety of factors and forces that can cause a person to create self change. There are internal forces, as well as external forces. People change to avoid pain and/or to seek pleasure. People can change from a single thought, emotion, catharsis, event, idea, statement, experience or decision. Sometimes people change because they want to; sometimes they change because they have to. There is a myth that most people believe, that all it takes is willpower. Many people be....


Being Grateful

Being Grateful In this world of go-go rush-rush, we often forget to stop and be grateful for what is around us. We are always chasing something bigger and better, and thus we forget what is sitting within arm’s reach of us. I am all for setting goals and doing better, but I also have learned that if you are always chasing the next best thing, you get really tired and consequently unfulfilled. Whatever point in life you are at right now, at one time, you were chasing to be or have that. So, stop and enjoy what you worked for. Think about it like this, you are running .5 miles, and when you get to that goal line, you pu....


Fight Or Flight

Fight or flight. You know, the whole theory where, when we get stressed, we fight in the situation or flee (flight). In prehistoric times, fight or flight was a survival mechanism and only those who were finely tuned passed this innate capability to their children. Without doing so, people became victims to predators. Survival of the fittest one might say. This innate behavior has been since passed down over the centuries. Even now, the ethological viewpoint assumes attachment behaviors, Continue reading....


Authenticity, Core Values and Balance

Authentic means to be real. The more authentic you are with yourself, the more fulfillment you feel in life. Not being true to yourself or others keeps you at a consistent imbalance. Living a lie takes energy, time and emotion. In the case where you are not being authentic to yourself, you may find that you are taking on too many life roles and acting like you can manage them. You may be pushing down pain but fronting a smile every day. You may engage in activities that you don’t like in order to gain acceptance or likability. You may be hiding issues regarding hurt, money READ MORE

The Seven Self-Sabotages to Success: Why People Sabotage Themselves and How to Stop It

“What’s your excuse?” Dr. Wayne Dyer asks in his book Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits. “In my role as a counselor, teacher, and parent,” Dr. Dyer says, “I’ve heard many reasons people use to explain an unhappy existence…and almost all of them fall into one huge category, which I call ‘excuses.’” “Excuse” another word for “self-sabotage.” Coaches help people formulate their dreams – their ideal lives. They then assist in creating goals, sub-goals, action steps and timelines. However, along the way, they often find their clients get “stuck.” Being “stuck....



There is all this hype about March MADness in the month of, well, March. If you are not familiar with March Madness, it is the College Basketball Association’s tournament of 68 teams competing for a national championship. Sixty eight teams competing against each other, 1 month, and 12,000 games, well, that’s what it feels like if you are the wife of someone who watches the NCAA during this part of the season. It’s sheer, MADness. Continue reading....


Happiness is a State of Mind

If you are having a rough day today, change your perspective on what you are seeing. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is not something you buy or earn. If you spend your life trying to work to get something or someone that will make you happy, chances are you are wasting a really good life that you don’t know you have. You passed up and overlooked a lot of personal happiness. Stop that! You are probably spending so much time chasing and dreaming of what could be that you are forgetting about all the small and big things occurring right now that could make you happy. People and things alone, won’t make you happy. You make you....


Effective Parenting: Building a Better Bond with Your Child

Effective parenting is important for many reasons. Of course we want to have happy children, children that do well, and want to build strong relationships with them. At the same time, the more effective our parenting, the less stress we have raising children. There are many tips on effective parenting, and lots of books on this topic, too. In fact, Meg Meeker’s, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, The Five Love Languages for Children, by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell and Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram are all great books on this very topic. Today’s tip focuses on one single sector of the many areas of effective p....


This Valentine’s Day, Show Some Love to, You

February is the month of love. But this February, the person we are going to hold on tight to, the person who is getting the extra respect and chocolates (of course), is you. That’s right, you. We spend much of our lives caring for others and often put ourselves on the back burner. This month is for you. In fact, this month will hopefully spur a pattern of behavior that will rub off into other months. While you should care and love for those in your life, you must recognize that there is room in your heart (and schedule) for you to love and respect you, too. Here are 7 tips on how you can show yourself more love: READ MORE

Power Breaks

This week’s tip is on taking power breaks. Many times people do not have the time for breaks during the day. Just because we don’t have time for them though doesn’t mean our bodies are not pleading for a break. Sure we all would love a 30 minute break 3 or 4 times per day, but in this life of non-stop, I am well aware that this isn’t likely. However, what you want to search for are some areas within your life that allow you for quick breaks, but at the same time can rejuvenate you; sort of like that “second wind.” Continue reading....


13 Ways to Reduce Stress

1. Rid of toxic people. Some of the biggest stressors we have in life come from family and friends. As hard as this is, if you want to reduce stress in your life, rid of the Toxic people. Pull out the old journal and write down all the people that are toxic in your life. The bi-polars (these people take you up and down. I love you, I hate you), the criers, the takers, the down-right mean people, the users, the bull-shitters, the gossipers, and the passive aggressives. Continue reading....


Why Positive Thinking Works

Positive thinking does create positive outcomes. But not everyone believes that. Some people think positive outcomes are only dictated based on how much effort you put into something. And, while effort counts, how great of an outcome can you have if you think miserably along the journey to that outcome? Some people think positive thinking is a “trendy thing” and that the truth is, “whatever is meant to be will be.” And while destiny, fate, etc. can be something to believe in, you must realize that your mind and the energy you give off impacts that destiny. And then, you just have cynical people that always find the bad in situations o....


Retiring Your Bucket List

There is a new Bucket List in town, and s/he is taking over. The old bucket list was often not realistic and many of us would find that we could rarely, if ever could complete much off of it. Here is an example of the old bucket list:

  1. Visit Fiji
  2. Visit France
  3. Backpack through Europe
  4. Travel to Hawaii
  5. Watch the movie Madagascar in the real Madagascar
  6. Visit the Pyramids
  7. Safari through Africa
  8. Walk the Great Wall in China
  9. Zip Line in Costa Rica.
And, there would be a list of about 25-75 more places you want to travel to and then maybe yo....


3 Ways Being A Perfectionist Can Hurt Your Success At Work

Let me preface this article with the sheer fact that no one is perfect. All of us have imperfections. And, perfection is subjective. That means, whatever is perfect to me, might not be perfect to you and so on and so forth. That is why you should never try to be perfect for anyone or anything. Thinking that you have to be perfect at anything in life is not only a barrier to your goals and life fulfillment, but you have directly set yourself up for failure as you spend your days chasing something that doesn’t exist. Exhausting! Having a perfection mindset for yourself and your life has its repercussions and can hinder your success in the w....


3 Ways to Rid of Toxic People in 2016

Have you ever felt like someone “got over on you?” Is there a person who mistakes your kindness for you being a doormat? Do you have someone in your life that “uses” you, takes advantage of you or plants seeds of doubt in your mind? That’s a toxic person. Some of the biggest stressors we have in life come from toxic people. If you want to reduce stress in your life, if you want to actually obtain those dreams of yours, then rid of the toxic people. Continue reading....


Are You the Victim or the Villain?

So, have you ever played Villain or Victim role? Do you ever hear yourself saying, “It’s not my fault.”? This is the Victim playing its part. Or, do you ever hear yourself saying, “It’s all your fault.”? This is the Villain in action. The more responsibility you take over your actions, even the ones you are not proud of, the more control over your own life and outcomes you will have. Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler (2002) talk about the Victim and Villain roles in their book, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Depending on what context you are in, you may play different roles. For example, in....


The Power of Visualizations

Ninety percent of people who write down their goals reach them. But you can increase that 90% by adding to it, visualizations. Visualizations are powerful and I recommend visualizing when you set goals or set off your foot onto a new venture. You can use visualizations when working toward physical and abstract goals. Visualizing means more than just seeing something, it is living the desire for a moment. It is smelling the desire, tasting it and feeling it. You are there, at the end result. Visualizing makes a dream more of a reality because it helps to shape your goal and create a plan of action. Accord....


Binge Drinking Increases Over the Holiday Season

Christmas trees, holiday music, presents, feasts, family and, alcohol. Yes, that’s right, this is the season of alcohol. There are holiday parties, Cheer in the air, and toasts as The Ball Drops. But, as exciting as all this fun may sound, there is also a real danger in binge drinking, too. Binge drinking is consuming a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time. For men, binge drinking is having five or more alcoholic drinks within a two hour time frame, and for women it is four drinks in two hours. As the holiday season progresses, the binge drinking increases. But why? Binge drinking increases at the holiday season due to the frequency of....


15 to Fierce


Bestselling Author and Renowned ‘SuperWoman’ Coach Dr. Jaime Kulaga Helps Take Women from ‘15 Minutes to Fierce’

 Maria Shriver’s ‘Architect of Change’ Launches New Self-Help Platform and Website for Women Seeking Work-Life Balance

(LOS ANGELES – DEC. 1, 2015) – What if you were told it could take only a fraction of an hour – 15 minutes, in fact – to achieve SuperWoman status in your life? That is what Dr. Jaime Kulaga,....

Spices and Spicing up life

Creating a Remix: Spicing Up Life When Life Gets Boring

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.” -Unknown “It is often possible to get greater enjoyment from what we are already doing, rather than try to find something else.” –L. Don Siebet “The Foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” –James Oppenheim You may have heard a couple of these quotes before. The reality is, many times we get tired of what we are currently doing in life and then we halt all operations to go find something new. And halting doesn’t always mean we halt the physical aspect, but it could mean we halt the mental aspe....

Boost in confidence

Need a Boost in Confidence? Identify your Top Life Roles (As Seen on

In a world of rush-rush and go-go, it seems like everything we do is a “must.” Many of us find ourselves spinning on this never ending Ferris wheel of the day to day routine with little time to step off and find moments for ourselves and families. While society pushes us to see almost all our day to day tasks as a “must,” the reality is we need to put into perspective what we really define is a ‘must,” and the definition of this is subjective to each one of us. As we circle the Ferris wheel of life focusing on a bunch of little things that are less important than what our heart and value systems view as truly important, we begi....

Expectation is the root of all heart ache

Lower your Expectation

Yes, you should have high expectations for yourself and future. Shoot for big goals and expect that you will achieve them. Same goes for relationships. Make sure that you are treated right by those around you, and never settle for abuse or someone demeaning and not supporting you. That being said, there are times that you should lower your expectations, and one of them is when you are planning an event. Whether it is a wedding, a date with a new or old partner, a party, etc., do not expect perfect. Yes, I get it. Something like a wedding should be the best time of your life. And, it can be the best time of your life- this is READ MORE


As Seen on TV