Platinum Membership

  • March 28, 2017

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Platinum Membership


The Mommy Mastermind Platinum Membership level is the most elite and powerful membership within the mastermind that you can be a part of. This level of membership allows you to discuss trials and tribulations you are facing in your home and business and get expert tips from your mastermind group and professionals on how to be more successful, healthy and happy in all areas of life.

Enjoy exclusive key note presentations that only Platinum and Gold members get to participate in as well as year round coaching by Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Jaime Kulaga! This package not only allows you to discuss personal, home, marriage, family and business issues you are facing, and receive advice on overcoming those barriers, but you also get time for yourself in this package. Enjoy an astrology reading from certified astrologer, Marty Montes. Knowing your birth timing and position of the planets impacts your purpose. Want to understand your purpose better or need guidance in one of the 12 sectors of life? Our astrologer will give you guidance and direction in these areas. You will also receive a private 30 minute nutritional session by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Sarah Krieger that you can take home with you and begin implementing right away!

Platinum Membership- What You Get

  • Be a part of the Mommy Mastermind where you give and receive advice from liked minded and powerful women (session are three times per year for 4 hours in Tampa, Fl)
  • Access to listen to 3 Keynote Presenters
  • 8 (30 minute) Coaching sessions by Dr. Jaime Kulaga throughout 2018 (1 per month not on months of mastermind)
  • 1 astrology reading by Certified Astrologer
  • 1 session with a nutritionist
  • 1 copy of Dr. Jaime’s book, The SuperWomen’s Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step by Step Strategies to Create Work Life Balance
  • Food at each mastermind

Cost: $3640


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