Silver Membership

  • March 28, 2017

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Silver Membership


The Mommy Mastermind Silver Membership allows you to discuss trials and tribulations you are facing in your home and business and get advice on how to be more successful, healthy and happy.
Also, receive coaching by Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Jaime Kulaga!.

Silver Membership- What You Get

• Be a part of the Mommy Mastermind where you give and receive advice from liked minded and powerful women (session three times per year for 4 hours in Tampa, Fl)
• 3 (20 minute) Coaching sessions by Dr. Jaime Kulaga throughout 2018
• 1 copy of Dr. Jaime’s book, The SuperWomen’s Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step by Step Strategies to Create Work Life Balance
• Food at each mastermind

Cost: $1725


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