Why am I So Tired?

I’m too tired! In this life, I know that we are all too tired. But one of the best things that you can do when you are tired is exercise. It is also the last thing we want to do. Getting in a habit of exercising boosts your energy in the immediate and long term. Exercise helps the heart, joints and lungs become stronger and healthier. A healthy heart and lungs will help you become less fatigued when doing other things during the day. On a psychological level, exercise makes you feel good about yourself. Higher confidence in one area of life rubs off into other areas of life. If you are confident in your own skin, chances are you will see more opportunities in life and actually make the jump and try them.

In addition to exercise, drink water. Water helps moisten joints and doesn’t make the body fight through a mild case of dehydration. When the body fights in any manner, it depletes energy that you will need to do other activities, which in turn make you, feel more fatigued. Also, since water moistens joints and helps the discs in your back, you can expect some physical pain to decrease too, allowing more activity and thus an increase in energy and overall life happiness.

Last, but I am sure not least, get rest. Sleeping rejuvenates tissues in the body that make you stronger and more clear minded for the next day. I tell my clients, if you don’t need coffee in the morning, don’t drink it. That is the “traditional” time to drink it, but that doesn’t make it law. Actually, the sugar in milk helps you wake up and a cup of water activities your body’s organs, so, if you can, save that cup of coffee for early afternoon.

Give yourself a boost with a cup of coffee around 1 or 2pm- this is usually the time that the body needs a “pick me up.” And power naps, I am for them. Some people avoid them, but if you can power up through a 10-15 minute nap or mediation half way through the day and then be more successful and positive, do it!
This week’s challenge: beat the fatigue by adding in or increasing the exercise, water, and sleep