What people are saying about Dr. Jaime Kulaga, PhD

Client Testimonials

When I reached out to Jaime, I was feeling unbalanced, under appreciated, over worked and tired. Now, nearly three years later, I can honestly say my clients respect me more, I have more valuable time with my family and I’m truly enjoying having my own company. She helped me find the power to say no, prioritize and run my company how I wanted to run it

I have been working with Dr. K for over a year now. Her advice has help tremendously with my business and personal life and has been one of my top investments.”

Jaime has been tremendous for me for a number of years. I sincerely appreciate her candor when discussing issues. She is great at synthesizing the problem at hand into a definable concern, and then does an excellent job of assigning goals so that the objective can be attained. She’s thoughtful in her approach, articulates her guidance well and follows up to ensure that all is well. In fact, I hold Jaime in such respect that I also have my teenage daughter seeing her. Not only has this helped her navigate through the ups and downs of the teenage world, it also has had a positive impact on the mother/daughter relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Jaime. She is truly a blessing in my life and that of my daughter.”

Dr. Jaime is amazing! She is sweet, kind, intelligent and of most importantly, she allows you to speak without feeling judged. I was able to open up to her my first day and felt very comfortable with her. She listens and does not condemn you for what mistakes you have made, she helps you to understand what led up to them and why they occurred. She offers great advice and has helped me see things from different perspectives. I’ve implemented the tools she has given me and I can see such a difference in my happiness and my relationship! I will be forever grateful for that!!”

Book Reviews

Juggling it all, family, career, social life and self-care can leave one wondering how to prioritize for optimum results. Dr. Jaime Kulaga comes to our rescue with her book The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment (step-by-step strategies to create work-life balance). This is one power-packed volume of information presented by a woman who has not only had to figure this out for herself but Dr. Jaime is also a nationally known mental health expert, working with women everywhere for years. The skills and techniques presented in this book are proven to work time and time again.

Her entire approach is, not to minimize your involvement in life but to show you how to identify your top roles, prioritize , create effective plans, set smart goals, reach out when you need support and help you track your success. What should you expect when all of this is in motion? That you can take care of yourself without feeling guilty! You will be able to boost your confidence and learn to make strong decisions that you can embrace and that work for you.The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment is not just a “read”, it provides activities to show you how to implement the information therein as well as featuring ‘gifts’ throughout in the form of Super Woman Skills that help you strengthen your resolve and deepen your commitment to creating the happy, healthy life you were born to live.

Whether you are working outside the home, have a home based-business or are working hard at being a wife, mother, sibling, and friend, this book can and will help you work through barriers to personal fulfillment and happiness. Dr. Jaime’s passion is helping you realize that you have the power to make your life work for you so you can stop feeling as though having a life is your job. This book, The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment, it’s like having her right there with you when you need her the most.


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