Being Grateful

Being Grateful

In this world of go-go rush-rush, we often forget to stop and be grateful for what is around us. We are always chasing something bigger and better, and thus we forget what is sitting within arm’s reach of us. I am all for setting goals and doing better, but I also have learned that if you are always chasing the next best thing, you get really tired and consequently unfulfilled. Whatever point in life you are at right now, at one time, you were chasing to be or have that. So, stop and enjoy what you worked for.
Think about it like this, you are running .5 miles, and when you get to that goal line, you push yourself to the 1 mile marker. Then, at the one mile marker you push yourself to the 2 mile marker, then the 3, 4 and 5 mile marker. Now, you are at the 5 mile marker throwing up and half passed out and aren’t even coherent enough to enjoy that fact that you just ran 5 miles!
Luckily, for our physical selves, it is easy to stop running when we are tired. But in the mental realm, we forget to stop and maintain this habit to keep going, well past the 5 mile marker.
One day we are going to miss the kids saying “mom ,mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom.” One day we will miss the simplicity of not having a management position. One day we will miss fighting with the spouse about little non-important things like the light bulb (health will be an issue one day, soon).

And, while one day having children that can do things for themselves is nice, and having that future management position will be financially wonderful, there is something awesome, amazing and fulfilling about what you have today. There is something to be grateful for in every day; even the darkest days.

Life gives you what you want. God, Karma, coincidence, the universe, whatever is true isn’t up for debate, the fact is, what you ask for, you get. There is a truth to “be careful what you wish for.” If you keep wishing for time to speed up, and you keep praying for the next big thing, you are going to get it. It seems all lovely now, but you don’t exactly know what your dreams and desires will become. Your idea isn’t exactly what always turns out.
And while things may turn out better than you could have ever imagined, don’t get in a pattern of chasing. Get in a pattern of goal setting, achieving and then enjoying. The journey and the enjoyment of receiving what we worked for, is what fulfills us. And be sure to stop and enjoy for those who made sacrifices in their lives so you could achieve.
This week’s challenge: Monday-Sunday this week, 5 times a day, stop for a couple seconds, and say/write three things you are grateful for that took place so far for that day.

This week- Enjoy what you have.

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