Power Breaks

This week’s tip is on taking power breaks. Many times people do not have the time for breaks during the day. Just because we don’t have time for them though doesn’t mean our bodies are not pleading for a break. Sure we all would love a 30 minute break 3 or 4 times per day, but in this life of non-stop, I am well aware that this isn’t likely.
However, what you want to search for are some areas within your life that allow you for quick breaks, but at the same time can rejuvenate you; sort of like that “second wind.”

Maybe in the car, you make a pack with yourself that you do not check emails or text. That goes even for stopping at a long red light or sitting in 5 o’clock traffic. Just take driving time to center. It’s okay that with traffic it takes 45 minutes to get home when it should only take you 15. This is your rest time, enjoy it.
Or, you take a few extra bathroom breaks during work. They don’t have to be long breaks, but just walking away from the computer helps. Focus on your breathing as you walk to the bathroom (do not stop to talk to a colleague on the way) and then get in the stall and just relax for a minute.
If you travel a lot for work, I totally understand that on the plane you can get a lot of work done, but take that time to catch up on rest, relaxation or some gossip from a magazine. Perhaps you can set up a little reward system for yourself in that you are allowed to work on the plane ride to your destination, but not back. When at home with the kiddos, maybe set them up with a little activity that is safe, and let them know you will be in the other room for 10 minutes. Walk away from them and go do a quick meditation or whatever will give you that second power up.
Whatever can rejuvenate your body and give it a break from the busyness of the day, do it. It will actually make you more optimistic, positive and productive for the remaining hours of the day. Remember, there is no badge of honor for someone that makes it through the day, week, month or year without a break. BUT, there is a badge for people that have energy and a positive outlook on life, it’s called fulfillment and success.
This week, I challenge you to take one break each day (ranging from 1 minute-whatever you please) and see if it helps bring you back to the busyness a little bit stronger, positive or healthier.

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