The Power of Visualizations

Ninety percent of people who write down their goals reach them. But you can increase that 90% by adding to it, visualizations. Visualizations are powerful and I recommend visualizing when you set goals or set off your foot onto a new venture. You can use visualizations when working toward physical and abstract goals. Visualizing means more than just seeing something, it is living the desire for a moment. It is smelling the desire, tasting it and feeling it. You are there, at the end result. Visualizing makes a dream more of a reality because it helps to shape your goal and create a plan of action. According to Marc David, “the way we imagine the body is a foundation for how it responds physiologically.”

As you become more self-aware of what is happening in your body as you visualize your goals, you have more control and influence over them as a whole. One of the most well-known sports and visualization studies ever done was by a group of Russian scientists. They took four groups of Olympic athletes and trained each group slightly different. One group only did physical training, whereas the second group did 75% training and the rest mental training. Group three trained on a 50/50 split and group four engaged in 25% physical training and 75% mental training. The group that trained physically the least but mentally the most, performed best.

In 1952 Florence Chadwick swam the Catalina Channel. The swim was 22 miles and she gave up at 21.5 miles! During an interview she stated that she no longer could see her goal line because of fog and gave up. In her second attempt, she used the power of visualization to see her finish line despite how cloudy the end appeared.

The nervous system struggles to tell the difference between a real and a vividly imagined experienced. Studies with cancer patients have shown full recovery when they used the power of their minds and visualizations to rid of the cancer. Whatever pain you are trying to rid of, whether it is a physical illness, hurt from a break up, or aching of the heart from a childhood trauma, I want you to imagine a little bug coming into your body and eating the pain up little by little. The bug goes around all day in your body and takes your pain away. Whatever it takes, no matter how far-fetched you think the visualization is, if it will heal you or help you to succeed, visualize it.

Eastern belief is that the power that made the body can heal the body. Although we are a Western culture, a lot of the mind, body, spirit concepts from the Eastern world will help you find peace and fulfillment in your Life. Being healthy is much more than being physically free of any illnesses. Visualizations connect you, motivate you, and commit you to the goal. The easier and more real you can make a goal appear to you the closer it will seem. Physically engaging in an activity can ride you to the finish line at times, but the reality is, the mind and body are integrated, so why not use the supreme power of both to help you succeed faster, stronger and more fulfilled?
This week’s challenge: Visualize a goal you are striving for.

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