5 Mid-Day Routines to Help You Reset & Get on Track


We often hear of routines to help you have better mornings; a way to start your day off on the right foot. Mornings are extremely important and play a major role in your day. There are so many benefits in starting your mornings off with being grateful, having a plan, eating breakfast, drinking water, stretching, etc. However, starting your day off on the right track and keeping it there is just as important.

Here are 5 mid-day routines to help you reset and get on track when the afternoon slump attempts an attack.

1.Take a Clarity Break


Sometimes, sitting in the same environment, hour after hour can make us feel delirious and cyclical. Our eyes need a break, our legs need a stretch and we need an overall different perspective for a moment.  To be a better you, better employee or leader, you may need to step away.


The Fix

Take a clarity break. A clarity break is just a break that allows you to step away from your environment to gain a new perspective. Some clarity breaks do need to be longer than others, but mid-day, you may not have too much time. Instead, take a mini clarity break and walk away for 15 minutes.  The clarity break needs to be out of the office or work space you have been in. Take this time to go for a walk outside. Use this break to look at nature, be solution oriented and visualize the stress or problems releasing from you.

2. Reexamine goals


While we may start off our day with goals in mind, it is easy to let the hecticness and distractions veer us off track. Knowing we are off track can make us feel unproductive, overwhelmed, stressed and all over the place.


The Fix

Reset yourself mid-day by checking your to-do list or schedule. Create a habit of not letting the day slip you by without checking your planner. When you feel all over the place, stop for a moment and check your planner to see what your goals were for that day. Have you lost focus? If so, don’t get discouraged, just get back on track. Put the distractions that you can aside, or the new to-do’s on another day’s agenda and stay focused on your tasks for that day. Sticking to your schedule can increase your confidence and feelings of accomplishment.

3. Eat a Snack

Glucose is brain fuel. Your brain is a very energy needy organ and if you want it to work well, you need to fuel it. When the day passes by and you haven’t eaten, you might get grumpy, become “on edge,” “irritated” or get a headache. To reset, you might need some food.


The Fix

Eat. Grab a snack and eat. At work, have handy foods around you that increase your memory and focus like avocado, nuts, blueberries, celery and, lucky you, dark chocolate (Disclaimer: in moderation!). We are all very busy nowadays, but that should not be an excuse to not fuel your body and mind, especially if you want your brain to work effectively and top notch so you are successful.

4. Get Inspired


As the day goes on, things change, distractions pop up, the afternoon slump sets in and you just might need a double dose of motivation to keep going. Especially if you have half the work day left, kids to help complete homework and dinner to make; not to mention that the calendar is showing it is only Tuesday. To reset, you may need a quick boost in motivation.


The Fix

Get inspired. While you can’t always change your immediate situation, you can change your perspective. Take time during your mid-day to look at inspiring quotes, pictures and even visualize your goals coming to fruition. This is not the time to get on social media and check out the “fabulous” lives of everyone and self-pity, but rather to be inspired by what you have and where you desire to grow and be. I encourage you to surround yourself and your work space with things/pictures that are upbeat, colorful and goal focused. Then, at mid-day, take time to reflect and look around at your space. If you have a vision board, your work space is a great place to put it up and take time each day to reflect on it.

5. Take Deep Breathes


With the fast pace of our society, we sometimes forget to breathe. Yes, we are breathing, but we fail to stop and just take a deep breathe to center and be present.  Failing to just stop and deep breathe can keep us in a go-go, rush-rush and somewhat impulsive mode.


The Fix

Take deep breathes. Taking several deep breathes at mid-day can help you to feel more calm and neutralize stress. Make deep breathing at mid-day a habit, even on non-stressful days. Deep breathing can bring mental clarity, re-center you from distractions and help you to be more present.